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Block Heels

Block Heels

Oh my gosh! Look at these block heels from Miss Boo. This will be your reaction after looking at our collection of heels. Available in every size, colour and price range, you will find the perfect block heel shoes. With their chunky look, you won’t be getting trapped into those pavement gaps.

Inspired by the 70s fashion and 90s trend, block heels are the perfect pair of trendy heels to go with any outfit. Made for wearing in the summer and winter they have the agility to last any weather condition. Attention! You may need to combine with a thick pair of tights in winter though.

Stilettos or Block Heels

This is an old debate and is still happening today. The answer is, it depends - if even the thought of high heeled stilettos makes your legs wobble, then go for block heels or wedge heels with less height.

Block Heels for the day

If you want to feel comfortable all day long and fancy wearing heels then block heels will be the best option for you. Block heels will give you the versatility in look and at the same time, give you comfort all day long. You can combine block heel sandals with a relaxed work-wear outfit or for a weekend out shopping, opt for low block heels.

Nights out in block heels

Oh, I can't wait for girls’ night out this weekend. What can I wear - heels, trainers, sandals or pumps? If you decide to go out in a heel then it would be good to choose block heels. Not only are they ideal day-wear but your feet will also be happy and comfortable at night as you walk between different bars and restaurants. If the weather is cold and wet, then perhaps opt for knee-high boots.

Express style, ego and desire - buy your next pair of block heels from Miss Boo.

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