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Dolly Shoes

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Dolly Shoes

Dolly shoes are a definite wardrobe staple. If you haven't got a pair in your collection, then you need to get one now. Until recently it's been difficult getting hold of shoes that are both practical and stunning at the same time. This new breed is dolly shoes. Boasting masses of comfort combined with elegant designs which are perfect for both work and play.

The best flats you'll want to swap your heels for

There's a time and a place for towering high heels, however, they're not always ideal for a quick run to the shops. We all know the feeling of flinging off those heels and slipping into a pair of comfy flat shoes. Plus, there's no reason why dolly shoes can't be as chic as those block heels you have in your shoe wardrobe.

Cool and comfy does exist

Dolly shoes are a step up from those ugly trainers, especially if you're heading off for a couple of drinks with friends after work. You don't have to break the bank to buy a colourful, stylish pair of dolly shoes from Miss Boo. With our vast collection of flat shoes, you'll find the perfect matching flats for your outfit - everything from bold, bright and pastel shades with glossy textures you wouldn't be able to resist. They'll jazz up any day!