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Lace Up Heels

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Lace Up Heels

They’re here to stay! Lace Up Heels are the latest from the collection of different women’s shoe styles to hit the women’s shoe market. Wearing Lace Up Heels signals confidence and authority. Not only they will make your feet look great, but they will also give your legs that fabulous look.

You can view all our lace-up heels here and, as always, if you are not sure about something or have any questions about these heels, please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ page or our Facebook page.

What type of outfit goes with Lace Up Heels?

The short answer is ANY! Lace up heels look fantastic with any outfit, from denim jeans to dresses, oversized trousers, skirts and even shorts!

When shall I wear Lace Up Heels?

You can wear them to a party, wedding or even to your workplace. You might have to spare an extra 10-15 seconds to put on these heels but trust us - once they are on your feet, they will give you the feeling of power, style and control.

Lace up for the night out

One of the hottest heel trends out there. Lace-up heels are so hot right now that they are becoming one of the most popular heel types out there. Whether you are going out on a hen party or for the night out in the town with the BFFs, or you have a late-night party to attend - choose a stylish style of lace-up footwear from Miss Boo.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s lace up! Steal the show with daring heels, be it a pair of stilettos, block heels, perspex heels or the one we are looking at right now - Lace Up Heels. These heels come in numerous styles, colours and prices. With the options of styles like ankle ties, buckles or straps you will find the one suitable to go with your outfit.