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Women’s Sandals

Smart or casual women's sandals are as popular right now as they ever have been. As soon as Summer arrives, you start to see an array of colours, designs and heel heights on the streets and parks. Whatever the colour or design you are looking for and whatever the occasion is, we have the just the right pair of sandals for you.

Style yourself with stylish sandals

Go on you deserve it. The sun is out, everyone is in their flip flops or sandals. Buy yourself a pair from the huge range of women's sandals from Miss Boo. From show-stopping sandals to office-ready sandal shoes, we’re here to add style to your shoe-drobe.

Buy Sandals for Holidays

Planning a trip to sunnier climates? Want to give yourself that perfect holiday look? Pair up your Summer sandals with shorts and a t-shirt.
From high heels, wedge heels and block heels to casual flats, women's sandals add a touch of style, class & attractiveness to your look, especially when the weather turns warmer. Our carefully selected range of ladies’ sandals is both a mixture of fashion and comfort. Go on girl! you deserve that holiday and those sandals :)

Sandals for Festivals

Planning a trip to the festival in the Summer? Whilst it is a good idea to pack a pair of wellies, at the same time, having an easy to wear pair of sandals from our summer sandal collection would make that festival trip comfortable whilst keeping your appearance stylish.