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Women’s Trainers

Yeh, girls’ trainers are here to stay, they aren't going anywhere. As they say: "style starts from the feet up". What better way to add style than to pull off some sexy trainers? Our range of women's trainers are perfect for any event, be it for jogging, sprinting, walking or just to look trendy. Have a look at our collection of ladies’ trainers, available in different colours and styles. Whether you are looking for velvet top trainers or suede style gum sole trainers, we have all the styles to give you that perfect look.

Make a bold statement

Choose your latest pair of sneakers from our range of big chunky soles, bright colours, bold designs and bulky shaped women’s trainers. Make your mark with the latest pair of trainers and stay comfortable all day!

Look who wears trainers

We see many A-list celebrities wearing trendy women's trainers when they are out and about. In recent weeks/months celebrities like the Duchess of Sussex, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner and many other celebrities have been seen in public wearing some of the sexiest looking trainers.

You don't have to spend a lot to buy stylish trainers

We know girls love trainers. Due to their chunkier look, men’s trainers tend to stand out more. However, as of now, online women's footwear stores like Miss Boo have changed the market. We have a huge selection of women trainers. Our trainers aren't just for gym rather they are designed for that fashion moment that you just can't wait for. Go on - get your hands on a pair.